Terra Relicta

6. December 2015

The self-financed and self-released A Long Way Home sounds very professional, and the attention to detail here is immediately obvious. A Long Way Home is a collection of tracks which are all loosely themed around German fairytales. This album seems like the perfect fit as background music to your next game of pen and paper Dungeons and Dragons. It is highly cinematic at times, and while it is dynamic, it is never demanding of your attention or distracting. It should not be passed off as a generic dark fantasy or dungeon synth album though, as there is true depth and thought put into this album.


As stated previously, this is the perfect background music to a night of Dungeons and Dragons, or even live action role-playing. It is subtle enough to not distract the listener yet dynamic enough to keep the avid listeners attention from beginning to end. Unlike other albums of this type, the generally lighthearted nature of A Long Way Home won’t alienate any listeners who aren’t used to hearing music outside of the popular sphere, yet it stays true to its dark and fantastical themes throughout.


Terra Relicta