Forgotten Pathways Buttons

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“Forgotten Pathways” Button

These neat buttons are all carefully made by hand with a button press and come in different designs. You’ll receive an 38 mm button, and can choose among the different motives: “FP Logo”, “Forgotten Pathways + Nightmoth”, “Shrouded In Mystery Cover”, “ReShrouded In Mystery Cover” and “The Lost Children Artwork”. All graphics were manually crafted by carving linocuts, every button is handmade.

Please note: right now the number of buttons is very limited, about 5 pieces per design. I’ll re-stock once I can get a hold on that button press again, so long please ask before if the design you desire is still available or directly state which one you’d want if your choice is sold out already!

If buying, please write me, which one you want to have:
1. FP – Logo (black/white)
2. FP – Logo with nightmoth (black/yellow/orange) (SOLD OUT!)
3. The Lost children (black/beige)
4. Cover of “Shrouded in Mystery”
5. Cover of “ReShrouded in Mystery”

The button will be shipped in a envelope (or alongside a larger order).

The original art prints are also available in the shop.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 10 × 20 cm


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